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Osiris Casino Review

Findinga new online casino to visit or make a home away from home can be a challenge.Understanding this, we want to take a look at how Osiris Casino stacks up insuch a highly competitive world. In our time playing, we discovered that thiswebsite is not only safe, but it also comes with a great many additions andoptions that firmly place it towards the top of the pack. Here, we’ll go overthese components, so new players know exactly what they’re getting, and whatthey can expect going forward.

OsirisCasino – Spending Time in the Sun: A Valid Non Gamstop Casino

The Osiris Casino website is pretty well put together. It works best on desktop but mobile is generally pretty good. You can search and find whatever you are looking for pretty quickly. The graphics and imagery are pretty sharp and the general feel of the site is welcoming and relaxed. Casino Software and Mobile Casino Osiris casino is brand new and is available in instant play mode. This means you can enjoy it on any device that has browser capabilities including PC and Mac. Osiris Casino Review The Egyptian theme is present in a lot of video slots, but there hasn’t really been an entire casino up till now sporting Egyptian imagery and landscapes. Osiris Casino is the one destination you can find gorgeous temples and pyramids in the background and some eye-pleasing games at the forefront.

Whilenot the only good thing Osiris has going for it, one of the big advantages ofthis casino is that it avoids the ever-watching eyes of GamStop and Ra both.Covered in gold and finding a theme based on the heights of Egypt in its primegives Osiris Casino a rare feel and one which exudes both class and depth.Comfort and choice wrapped up in a no-nonsense design make us wonder why weever stopped worshipping Osiris in the first place.

NoLimits on Deposits, and no Time for Entombment

Naturally,one of the biggest things our readers want to know about is deposit limits. Inthis instance, we’re happy to report that there are no limits that you need toworry about. This means more time playing, and a far easier time hitting thealready generous waging requirements.

PaymentMethods at Osiris Casino – The Generosity of the Gods

If theancient Egyptian gods had one major problem, it was that their methods ofpayment were both limited and obscure. Have no fear though: with OsirisCasino, you won’t be expected to pay with gold bars, sacks of grain or thefamily cat. Instead, Osiris Casino supports some of the most popular paymentsystems around, meaning that, for both withdrawals and deposits, few playersshould be left wanting.

Thebiggest of these are the all-time classics of Visa and Mastercard, which Osirisis now happy to accept after some explanation covered his initial confusion.The only real downside as we can see is a lack of PayPal, though the otheroptions on offer should usually negate this shortcoming. What options areoffered are usually available for both deposit and withdrawal, making this partof the exercise all the easier.

Everwondered about Osiris’ tax policy? Us neither, but we can report that hedoesn’t take any withdrawal fees for himself, as only standard card andelectronic fees related to the withdrawal methods apply.


OsirisCasino Withdrawals

MinimumWithdrawal Limit per Transaction: €100


MaximumWithdrawal Limit per Transaction: €5,000

WithdrawalLimit per Week: €5,000

WithdrawalLimit per Month: €5,000

WithdrawalFee: 0%

As you can see, the most efficient of these methods for those in a rushare going to be those of Skrill and Neteller. As targeted and dedicated onlinesystems, it does make sense that these would be the best equipped for digital casino services.The only other major downside we could see is the rather limited monthlywithdrawal limit. Sure, we would be happy to take home €5,000 in amonth but if we got luckier, that might be a slight pain.


When itcomes to deposits, every currency is accepted. That said, all of thesecurrencies, once placed within the Osiris Casino system, will be translated ineuro. Withdrawals with then be translated back into an account’s currency atthe time when a player cashes out.


  • Entropay
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron


All,converted into euros

Customer Service at Osiris Casino

We’d bewilling to bet that Osiris himself never had many issues with customer service.After all, who is going to argue with the god of fertility and death? Nobodysmart, that’s for sure. But where does that leave us common players? As it justso happens, it leaves us with one of the best help systems online casinos haveto offer.

Osirisis a generous god, and he knows that his strength derives from keeping hissupporters happy. On this front, the helpful folk at his casino have created a24/7 helpline which is available right from within the website. This is a rarecomponent of many websites, yet it forms the most fundamental backbone of aquality user experience. Response time within this system is also fast, and thepeople working on the other end of the line are experts at what they do(whether out of care for their jobs or fear of deific retaliation, we couldn’tguess).

Also onoffer is a phone helpline, though this is, unfortunately, more limited inscope. Operating as an overseas number and with limited hours means that thisis probably best left as a last resort, as it won’t be free or as open as thelive-chat alternative.

Alternativecontact options come in the form of FAQs, and slower, message-based contacts.The FAQ section of Osiris Casino is one which is definitely above what mostonline casino websites manage. With main categories which include account,cashier, deposits, legality and security, technical, VIP, and common questions,no expense was spared in making this a top-notch offering. While nottechnically part of the FAQ, even the website itself is helpful in this regard,with each step of any part of the online casino process being explained with anenormous concern for clarity.

In termsof slower messaging, customers have the options of email or webpage contact.Both of these operate in similar manners, with questions being sent to thecasino’s email systems. Following this, the staff will either get back tocustomers through email or phone call. Given the complexities of internationalcalls, we would recommend using email contact as the preferable choice. Also besure to add their accounts to a spam filter, just in case your emailclient’s automated systems accidentally flag them.

OnlineFAQ and help systems for online casinos are one of the areas where manywebsites are unfortunately behind. Whether this is through a lack of knowledge,limited time or some other issue, we can’t guess. What we can say for sureis that Osiris Casino makes most other casinos in this regard look like meremortals by comparison. It’s a great system, both fast and robust, and onewhich no doubt makes Osiris proud.


InternationalPhone Number (US): +357 25 281876 (09:00 – 22:00 GMT)

LiveChat: Yes, available 24/7

WebpageForm: Yes

E-mailAddress: [email protected]

FAQs: Yes

WelcomeBonus: Osiris Opens his Doors with 400% Matches and 300 Zero Wager Spins

Powercan get you attention but it is generosity which gives respect. Knowinghis days at the top of the pantheon are behind him, Osiris has taken this toheart, putting his attention into giving players all the welcomes andcontinuing bonuses he can think of.

Playersin this casino can expect deposit matches up to 400%, and a total of 300zero-wager spins – that is, if they play their cards right.

OsirisCasino Welcome Bonuses

Whilethese types of bonuses have been common in the realms of man for some time, itis rare to see such large deposit matches and enormous quantities of zero wagerspins. What’s more, these zero wager spins are free from the 33x wageringrequirements which apply to the rest of the bonus cash as gained by thesedeposit matches.

Theserequirements are quite low by online casino standards. Another positive mark onOsiris Casino’s record!

Recurring Bonuses and Promotions: Like a Pyramid, Osiris Casino BonusesStand the Test of Time

Anybodycan make something flashy in the short term but a real mark of quality is howlong you can keep people’s attention. The Egyptians have managed that forthousands of years, and Osiris Casino is looking for similar time in the sun.Separating bonuses into Spin Boosts, the Bonus Market, and the Late Night Offermeans that, no matter how long you’ve been a player, you always have somethingto look forward to.

OsirisCasino’s Spin Boost operates as a free slot machine. Available to spin once aday after 00:00 GMT, this golden slot is capable of giving a wide range ofdifferent bonuses to a player, including daily bonus codes, free spins, cashspins and more.

Open24/7, the Bonus Market is a part of the Egyptian bazaar we wish we had here athome. This Bonus Market is separated into three different sections: MatchBonuses, Free Spins and No Wager Free Spins. Each of these sections comewith a variety of bonus codes which can be used on deposits to gift players therelevant free goodies. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve included these tablesbelow.

TheMatch Bonus Market

TheFree Spins Market

Osiris Casino Mobile

TheNo Wager Free Spins Market

As forthe Late Night Bonus, like the Spin Boost, this becomes available everyday – or night, as it were. Unlocking between 00:00 and 08:00 GMT,this simple bonus gives players the ability to make as many deposits as theywant with a 100% deposit match.

OsirisCasino First Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

Ofcourse, every bonus comes with rules, and Osiris Casino’s bonuses are nodifferent. Looking at the Welcome Bonuses, we should note that the bonus cashfrom these comes with a 33x wagering requirement. As we’re sure many gamblerswill know, this is well towards to lower end, which suits us just fine. Onceagain, this doesn’t apply to the zero wager spins, which have zero wageringrequirements. These free and zero wager spins are also limited to the Fruit Zenslot game.

Osiris Casino Mobile Al

For theother bonuses, a net 45x wagering requirement is applied overtop. Not as greatas the 33x welcome requirements but still not bad at all. As for weightingtowards these requirements, that depends on the games which are played.

Accordingto the Osiris Casino rules, blackjack, roulette, casino poker, baccarat, videopoker and craps are all weighted 10% towards wagering requirements. This10% is also applied to the following games:

CasinoWar, Fruit Zen, Yak, Yeti & Roll, Weekend In Vegas, The Angler, Book ofSun, 88 Dragon, Gods Temple, Monkey Money, Fruits Land, Legend of Ra, Book ofGold: Double Chance, Clover Tales, 40 Joker Staxx, Viking Gods: Thor &Loki, Ecuador Gold, Faerie Spells, Faerie Spells NJP, Alkemor`s Tower,Stampede, Dragon Kings, The Golden Owl of Athena, Sevens & Fruits, MightyAfrica: 4096 Ways, Rise of Egypt, Viking Fortune: Hold & Win, Joker Expand,and Spectrum.

Allother slots and all other games contribute 100% towards the wageringrequirements.

The Gods are Good – Osiris Casino’s VIPProgram

The VIPsection in Osiris casino is not something that a player needs to opt into.Instead, Osiris keeps a close eye on his loyal followers and awards everybodywho takes the time to play regularly. Rather than going a complex route, theserewards are simple to claim and simple to use.

In basicterms, the Osiris Casino VIP bonuses work as a rewards system. For each eurothat you play, a contribution is made into your VIP points based on thewagering requirement table. For most slot games, which add 100% to wagering requirements,playing €100 would result in 10 points being deposited into your VIP account.

Osiris Casino Mobile No Deposit

Thesepoints can then either be cashed out for real money or translated into cash youcan continue to play with. The choice is up to you.

OsirisCasino Games: Slots, Table Games and Live Casino

We werea bit worried at the concept of a game selection for a casino named after anEgyptian god. These guys and ladies might have been well-worshipped, but theirgames at the time firmly revolved around the likes of kick-the-sack androll-the-hoop. Fortunately, the developers at Osiris casino have kept up withthe latest in the market, so these fears were for nought.


Osirishad a lot of gold, and that means he had a lot of coins to put away. This mightexplain why Osiris Casino comes with over 300 different slot games from noteddevelopers like NextGen, Microgaming, BluePrint and much more. A seriouscollection of games both old and new means that nobody is going to be missingout, regardless of what you like to play. And yes, this does include Egyptianthemed slots like Legend of Cleopatra, Cleo’s Wish, The Mummy and Secretof Nefertiti 2.

Blackjack& Roulette

Want tohit the tables and try your hands at some more classic games? Theselection here, unfortunately, cannot measure up to the slots, though at leastroulette is well represented. For blackjack, players have access to a singletable at the time of writing which, we suppose, is all you need for manyplayers. Fans of roulette can rest happier, in that their selectionincludes Gold Roulette, Zero Roulette, European and American Roulette, andmore.


Othergames on offer by Osiris Casino include the long-time classic of scratchcardsand some more varied options. Specifically, it’s the virtual sports games thatreally stand out for us. Including instant greyhounds, speedway, trotting,horses, racing and velodrome, these are are an unexpected inclusion whichwe loved nonetheless. Finally, there’s also keno to round out theexperience.


Livecasino games are some of the newest offerings on the casino scene, but they’vequickly become some of the most popular. These are far more difficult to implementin terms of technology than traditional online casino games, but theirability to bring a realistic experience directly into player homes isunparalleled.

Thispopularity also makes them a prime target for unscrupulous online casinos. Inthis way, the quality of a casino’s online section can be a great indicator asto their overall level of reliability and safety. Taking a look at the livegames from Osiris Casino, we’re happy to report that this selection, whilelimited, is of the highest quality.

Offeringgames from famed and trusted provider Evolution means that their Europeanroulette, baccarat, blackjack, and hold’em tables are all above board, and welldesigned.

Just tobe sure, we even went so far as try these out on both desktop and mobile systems.The results were the same: games that run smoothly, without crashes.We only wish that they had more tables. The way these tables work means thatwaiting is unlikely to be an issue, as there tend to be more tables availablethan just the one listed per game, but a greater selection would still be nice.

IsOsiris Casino Legit or a Scam? Can its Host Deity be Trusted?

Whilethere are many legit online casinos out there, some are so dastardly as to seemoutright evil. But what about Osiris Casino? Can it be trusted?

When weconduct our reviews, we always go in suspicious, expecting the worst inorder to be safe. Each step of the way, we questioned Osiris Casino –and for every step, we were rewarded. Osiris Casino applies all of the best ofmodern technology to keep themselves and their users safe, and this appliesover all sections of their website.

Owned byGame Tech Group N.V., Osiris Casino is one of many online casinos to operateunder this group’s umbrella. Operating under the License No. 1668/JAZ meansthat they have had to prove themselves to industry regulators, under thepopular Curacao licensing scheme.

As it’svalid and authorised, for our money, this is a casino to trust.

TheMobile Osiris Casino Experience

Moderngamblers and ancient Egyptians probably have very different ideas on whatcounts as a tablet. For both these and mobile phones, however, Osiris Casinoworks very well. To be clear, we’re talking about modern tabletcomputers and not ancient bricks of limestone, which are not officiallysupported platforms.

As amodern website, Osiris Casino doesn’t rely on a downloadable app, instead goingfor a modern web-based approach to work on mobiles. Simply head to theirwebsite on a mobile device and you should be automatically forwarded to themobile version of the site. Alternatively, if you aren’t, just click on the‘mobile’ link towards the top or bottom of the page.

Runningthe website on both tablet and mobile phones gave us no issue whatsoever,though it should be noted that this might not be the case for users onespecially old or outdated devices. For every gadget bought within thelast five years or so, users should face no issues.

OsirisCasino’s Gambling License

Takingtheir license from Curacao means that Osiris operates alongside a great deal ofthe industry’s other largest casinos. It is also not party to the GamStoplocking system so, if the user feels they are safe to ignore theserestrictions, this can be a great place to play.

WhatWe Like About Osiris Casino


  • Fantasticwelcome and continuing bonus structures
  • Over 300slot games to choose from
  • 24/7 livechat and great other support options
  • Runs well onmobile
  • The Egyptiangods are underrated

WhatWe DON’T Like About Osiris Casino


  • Limitedselection of certain table games
  • Could use afew more deposit/withdrawal options
  • A gamefavouriting system could help

FAQsOsiris Casino

Is Osiris Casino a serious and trustworthy casino?

Can I deposit as much as I like?

Yes, there are no limits on deposits placed on this casino. The huge welcome bonuses don’t hurt, either.

Do get winnings paid out fast and safely?

Osiris Casino Mobile App

Payments for this website are as safe as with most trusted websites, though the speed of withdrawals can differ. This is because some methods, like Neteller and Skrill, are near-instant whereas others, like bank transfer, can take up to five or ten days.

Are winnings tax-free if I am a UK citizen?

Yes, there are no taxes placed on winnings on withdrawals other than regular card and digital method fees.

Does Customer Support speak English?

Who is behind and runs Osiris Casino?

Game Tech Group NV, a veteran group which owes many other online casinos.

Can I play Microgaming slots on Osiris Casino?

Osiris Casino Mobile Games

Microgaming is one of the many developers which offer slots on Osiris Casino, yes.