Bingo Prizes For Seniors

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Bingo Prizes For Seniors Ideas

Play different styles of bingo games. Instead of playing the traditional bingo game in which. Instead of handing out the same prizes to each winner, you can build the suspense by handing out play money. This money can be used to purchase a prize of each winner’s choice at the end. If you’re playing bingo with a twist, be sure to assign different values to each bingo-style depending on how challenging it is to win that round. Online bingo games make it possible for seniors to play from home. The games are even more popular since many people are now aware of the benefits of bingo to players. Some of the best online. Hi-What I do for bingo prizes is to mainly give out chips, candy, etc. Small prizes from Walmart or the Dollar store are mixed in. Since mostly women play bingo, I add yarn, small photo albums, nail polish, hair clips.

What Are Good Prizes For Bingo


Bingo Prizes For Nursing Home

Organizers with the Addison Township Senior Citizens Center are hoping the bingo games for the seniors can continue to offer seniors a reason to say, ‘Bingo!?.
Every Tuesday morning, the seniors play bingo from 10-11:30 a.m.
The prizes lately? According to Gayle Prey, who serves as a caregiver to one of the seniors who’s a bingo regular, the winners have received cans of soup, bags of chips, and small packs of Kleenex. Recently, Prey brought in some sugar-free candies because some of the ladies who play bingo are diabetics.
Addison Senior Center Nutrition Site Hostess Sharon Geare said prizes donated for bingo should take into consideration that many of the seniors there don’t have many opportunities to go to stores and shop.
She suggested things like food and snacks including puddings, fruit cups, granola bars, canned soups and microwavable convenience foods, health care products, lotions, and holiday-related items.
For the holidays, she suggested cards that the seniors can then send to others along with seasonal gifts.
‘If it’s a large gift item, we try to break it up so that it makes it a little more exciting for seniors,? Geare said. ‘Bingo is their highlight at the senior center for our area. We want to make bingo bigger here.?
Due to the limitation on prizes, they are currently able to do bingo once a week.
They hope to get more people involved as well as getting more prizes donated.
They do fund raisers for the senior fund, which is used to buy the prizes, but there’s not a lot to work with in the fund.
Those interested in donating items or for more information should contact Geare at 248-628-3388.
The Addison Senior Center is located at 1440 Rochester road in Leonard.