Best Slotomania Game 2020

Posted By admin On 29/03/22

The best Slotomania games all need to be unlocked - either by playing a lot, or by paying for them. A Fun Way to Spend Time (And Possibly Money) Slotomania is one social casino app that finds a good balance between giving you a fulfilling free-to-play. My Slotomania app on my pc (windows 10) is slow and stutters all the time. Takes forever to load and play any game. This started 2/20/21 after we lost power for 2 hours. There are many Online Slots games available to play. There’s a slots game that will appeal Slotomania Tips And Tricks Ipad to virtually everyone. Finding your favourites will be Slotomania Tips And Tricks Ipad an exciting, fun-filled journey of exploration. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you might want to check some Slotomania.

Gambling has been a part of human culture for a very long time. Slotomania social casino is the perfect place for gaming and gambling enthusiasts to enjoy quality time and play their favourite game. With a collection of more than 200 machines, Slotomania free play is arguably the best way to begin your betting career and prepare for the adventurous ride ahead.

Coming with a beautiful interface, the platform is easy to navigate, use, and gamers can jump into playing incredible machines very easily. The process of signing up is swift, smooth, and can be done in a matter of few clicks. Hence gamblers don’t have to mess around and figure out things on their own.

Before we begin to describe how amazing Slotomania slots are, it is fitting to understand the evolution of gambling. How people place bets, and how is a social casino different from any online casino.

Social Casino vs Regular Online Casino

People began betting as a fun, pass time activity with an intent to challenge their fellow mates. Gradually it acquired new shapes and new forms. During the 20th century arcade machines drove the revolution in gambling as more and more people flocked to play slot machines at casinos. As the era of digitalization dawned upon us, the brick and mortar casinos got transformed into online ones.

Such resources are basically web-based platforms where the players can place stakes with real money and win rewards in return. The punters can also withdraw their money. The withdrawals are governed by online casino’s policies. Online gambling is fun, yet remains a risky affair. As per a report by Forbes, nearly 12 million people worldwide lose half of their fortune in online gambling.

What Makes Social Casinos Different

Best game on slotomania

Social casinos, on the other hand, are entirely risk-free as players do not need to make any kind of deposits in order to enjoy playing the slot machines. Slotomania casino is a perfect example of the concept of a social casino. It allows punters to enjoy high-quality slots, developed by top software developers, for absolutely free of cost.

Slotomania slot machines provide top-notch gambling experience, without any kind of risk. Gamblers can play hundreds of amazing Slotomania games, without spending a single penny. It is the beauty of social casino, and hence they remain a highly popular option among new as well as experienced gamblers.

Slotomania Free Coins

Further, at an online casino, the players can only place a wager, and it provides very limited social interaction among them. A social casino does away with this crippling idea and integrates the fun of a social media network with the gambling elements of a casino. Hence the punters can not only interact among themselves, but they can also form groups, challenge each other to duels, and enjoy multiplayer games with one another.

Hence social casino is definitely more fun and that too without paying anything at all. A minor drawback of social casinos is that they do not allow withdrawals. But hey, you are not betting with real money in the first place!

Slotomania Login Process

The platform has a very simple signing up process. The players have been provided with an option to play using Facebook, or they can opt to play using email and phone numbers. Most gamblers opt for Slotomania Facebook sign up process as it is simple, safe, and has been made completely secure using best encryption methods in the industry.

Alternatively, signing up with a phone number and email remains an equally popular option. Whichever is the way adopted, accessing Slotomania free casino slots is a matter of few clicks only.
The company has developed an amazing app for the players, which has been made available on the iOS and Android platforms. Using the Slotomania app, they can enjoy the game at any time of their choice, using their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Slotomania Slot Machines

The casino has a vast collection of over 200 games that have been broadly categorized into two groups, namely Free Video Slots and Free Slot Games.

Free Slot Games
It is a truly unique collection of some of the most amazing betting machines. All a player needs to do on his part is to sign up and open the section of Slotomania free slots. The platform has listed nearly 120 games in this section.

Players can also challenge their mates to have a spinning duel. At the end of the day, the gamblers need not pay anything. All the quality entertainment is available for free of cost to them. Some of the most remarkable games in this collection are:

  • Prince Eclipse: Solar events and their mystery have always eluded humans, and the developers have converted this mystery into an admirable slot machine. The punters spin their way through the solar system and its event while handsome and charming Prince makes a graceful appearance for rewarding them with Slotomania free spins.
  • Goddess of Babylon: This high limit game has been specially crafted for those who like to go big from day 0. In this machine, the players get to travel to the ancient city of Babylon, whose ruling queen is not only rich but also one of the most beautiful women to walk on the earth in centuries.
  • Enchanted Oz: Ever since Wizard of Oz came to screens, it has been adapted in various media forms. Some of the Slotomania free slots have been based on the iconic movie and depicts the adventures of the gang in the mysterious world of Oz. Play it to grab one of the biggest bonuses ever created for a slot machine.

Apart from these free slot machines, the casino has around 50 incredible video slot machines as well.

Free Video Slots
From a normal player’s perspective, there is nothing different in video slots. After all, what they basically do is press the spin button and watch the reels dance. But any experienced gambler would tell you how video slots are different. They are full of fun, feature incredible animations, a unique combination of playlines, and when it comes to graphics, they are at par with the common mobile and PC games.

Best Paying Slotomania Game

Slotomania has a wonderful collection of nearly 100 video slot games and the company accredits this collection for its glorious user base of 10 million players.

Video slots are an important step in the process of evolution of gaming, and Slotomania presents to the punters a mesmerizing collection of the best of the lot. The video slots can be played across a variety of devices, and players can get access to them with the simple sign up process.

Slotomania Loyalty Program

Playtika, the company behind Slotomania, has designed a powerful loyalty program where the players get rewards for being regular on the platform. During the normal gameplay mechanism, the gamers win rewards as they play slot machines. These rewards include free Slotomania coins that can be used to unlock a new level or a new stage in a game. The loyalty program simply accelerates the rate at which gamblers collect coins.

There are 7 stages in the loyalty program, namely:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Royal Diamond
  • Black Diamond

These stages are unlocked progressively. The higher the stage at which a player is, the bigger is their rewards. With these rewards, the players can play bonus rounds, VIP games, receive early access discounts, and many other benefits of being a loyal member.

Slotomania understands that the players may get busy at times, and hence might not be able to collect the required number of coins needed for unlocking the next stage. It helps the gamblers in gaining the coins by buying them at affordable costs and making their transition to the next level really swift.


Social casinos are rapidly evolving as a medium of safe and sound gambling, where the players get to enjoy features of a gambling casino without fear of losing a fortune. Slotomania has established itself as one such powerful platform. Its userbase has rapidly grown to touch the mark of 10 million. Owing to its simple interface, Slotomania bonus, rewards, and free coins, the casino is bound to see success in the future as well.

Slotomania FAQs

Here are some common questions about Slotomania social casino:

📌 Is Slotomania a safe platform?


Yes. The developers have made the platform completely secure by designing it with a state of art encryption that includes, among other things, a 128-bit SSL encryption layer.

📌 Why should I join the platform?

Slotomania free coins

Social casinos are the best way to enjoy the fun of gambling without paying anything extra for it. Slotomania free play provides you access to the best slot machines in the industry for free of cost.

📌 What kind of games can I play?

The platform has segregated games in two categories that are fixed playline casino slot machines and dynamic playline based video slot games.

📌 Can I make withdrawals?

All the purchases made on the platform are deemed final. Since the games present on the casino award the player with virtual coins that can be used to gain access to the next stage and VIP games alone. Hence withdrawals are not allowed on social casinos.