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I personally don’t like to gamble. I don’t like slot machines or roulette. The decisions you make are too inconsequential.

Have you ever looked at the payout odds for roulette? No matter how you bet your percentage return is always the same. On average you’re going to lose 5 cents for every dollar you bet. It’s true that there are a lot of options in roulette. A lot of choices to make. But none of them have any impact on the game. You’re always going to lose about 5 cents for every dollar you bet.

Slot machines are the same. You can decide how much you want to bet and you can decide how many “lines” you want to bet but all your doing is deciding how quickly or slowly you lose your money. Even then, casinos tend to doctor the odds so that lower-cost slots have a worse payout in an attempt to even out the money-lost-per-hour of all slot machines.

So in slots, roulette, and other casino games it’s impossible to make a choice that impacts the game.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Multiple providers have developed interfaces for mobile use, including iPhone gambling apps. These applications support legal gambling entertainment like online casino, poker and sports betting programs, each of which having more specific subcategories like table games, live betting.

If you are a game author like me, shit like this makes you really curious. It’s hard to make a good video game, lots and lots of us have tried and failed. But here is a simple set of games where players literally make no decisions yet sit enraptured by them. The world wide gambling market is worth over 300 billion dollars while the videogame market is worth less than 70. Amazingly, the majority of that 300 billion dollars comes from people playing games where their decisions have no impact on the game.

But every pillar of game design that I respect is fundamentally rooted in player choice. So why the hell are all these people deciding to give money to casinos?

So far my only answer has been cash payouts. Yeah, slot machines are pretty simple skinner boxes. But even in a skinner box you need to give the pigeon something they care about. If you awarded the pigeon “points” for hitting a button then it would lose interest pretty fast. The cost of hitting the bar dwarfs the potential gain of the payout.

So it has been with slot machines. Downloadable slot machine games have been around for as long as games. They never really went anywhere because with no cash reward and no interesting choices the skinner box collapses. Until now. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to present to you, Slotomania:

Apple Gaming

Slotomania and, ridiculously, Slotomania HD are both on the iPad top grossing apps chart. That means people are dropping a lot of money into a slot machine with no payout. The skinner box has no clothes but it doesn’t seem to matter.

How did Slotomania manage to turn the Skinner Box back on? Well check out the bar at the top of that Screen shot. Can you guess what that is?

That’s an xp bar. You can level this slot machine. When you level you get access to more games (well, the same game reskinned) and you raise your minimum bet. You gain xp purely by spending credits. The more credits you gamble the more you level. Of course you run out of credits about two and a half games in so the only way to unlock more is by paying real money.

I also think they trade off the associations that casino gamblers already have with slot machines. By mimicking casino slots they can hijack the Pavlovian response people have already built up around traditional slots.

This is genius, evil, and Slotomania has been making money off of it on iPad and facebook for two years. They had been refining their strategy and becoming more and more profitable until, shock, last year Ceaser’s bought them and they really started to make money.

It’s these kind of brain hacks that make me really uncomfortable. Ceaser’s and Slotomania basically earn their money from failures in the human mind. They can compel us to play their shitty games and they can compel us to pay them money to do it. They don’t offer us a system to master or anything you might define as “fun” in return. They just reach into our brain and make us dance to their tune.

Gambling and slot machines have historically, and sensibly, been deemed bad for society and often made illegal. Why Apple has decided to let them loose on its walled garden is beyond me. They’re gambling that the government isn’t going to step in and try to put things in order. If they lose that bet then the laws will be broad and ham fisted and we’re all going to wish they’d just stayed the fuck out of the casino.

Apple Gaming Pc

One of the great things about how technology is advancing today is that new casino deposit methods are popping up all the time. Take, for example, Apple Pay. This is a digital transaction service that allows you to keep your credit cards on your phone, so you don’t have to carry a wallet everywhere you go. And now, Apple Pay Casinos are available, albeit on a small scale.

Apple Pay Casinos allow players to fund their accounts directly through the mobile app, giving them the opportunity to keep their private financial information off of the casino as well as making things incredibly convenient. Casinos that accept Apple Pay are offering you the same incredible casino experience you’ve come to rely on, but with the added convenience of a new, easy to use deposit method.

On this page, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Apple Pay casinos. From how to fund your apple pay account to who can use Apple Pay to fund their casinos. We’ll also lay out recommendations for the best casinos that accept Apple Pay so that you don’t have to go searching for them. Everything you need to know is right here on this Apple Pay casino page.

How To Fund Your Apple Pay Account

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Funding your Apple Pay account is incredibly simple. Apple Pay works like a digital wallet, allowing you to add as many credit and debit cards as you’d like to your wallet. To add a new card, go to your phone’s settings tab. From there, go to wallet, then Apple Pay. Click the “add card” button. It will prompt you to enter the card’s details, and when you’re done putting those in, your card will be added to your wallet.

How To Use Apple Pay At Online Casinos

This is pretty simple. When you use Apple Pay at an online casino, it is processed the same way as an eWallet. So when you choose Apple Pay from the list of casino deposit methods available, it will open the app for you and allow you to choose which card you want to use. Then, you can either verify the payment with a passcode or with touch ID. It’s as simple as that. The whole process takes minutes at most and then you’re instantly able to start betting on all of your favorite games at Apple Pay casinos.


Can American Players Use Apple Pay?

US players are not able to directly use Apple Pay at online casinos. What they can do, is use Apple Pay to purchase money orders or prepaid cards and then use those to fund their gambling wallets. This may seem like a roundabout method for some, but if you are already set up with Apple Pay and want to gamble at online casinos, it is a valid payment option for US players.

Advantages Of Using Apple Pay To Gamble

Apple Pay is a very convenient, safe way to make payments for products. So it should come as no surprise that online casinos are now testing the waters to see how they can let their customers use it. So far, there have been plenty of advantages for using Apple Pat at online casinos.

First, when you use Apple Pay casinos, your deposit will be credited to your account instantaneously. I’m talking press a few buttons and you’ve got your money. It’s also extremely easy to use. Adding cards takes maybe three seconds through settings. Accessing Apple Pay through your online casino involves pressing a button. Seriously, I think a monkey could do it.

When you do request a deposit using Apple Pay casinos, you can verify it with your touch ID. Who else has your fingerprint? It doesn’t get more secure than that. If you don’t want to use touch ID, you can just use your passcode.

For those of you who enjoy your security, you’ll also appreciate the fact that Apple Pay does not store transaction history. So people won’t be able to track your purchases or spending history just because you’re using this IOS wallet. On top of all that, you don’t even have to pay a fee to use this service. Using Apple Pay casinos comes with absolutely no fees attached. So it doesn’t matter if your deposit is for $10 or $100, it’s free.

Disadvantages Of Using Apple Pay To Gamble

There are a few disadvantages that go along with using Apple Pay as a deposit method. Firstly, there is no way to retrieve your funds if you use Apple Pay to fund your account. As of right now, there are no Apple Pay withdrawal methods. Which means you’ll have to work with the book to find another way to collect any winnings.

Secondly, while Apple Pay might be a great way for certain iPhone users, the feature is not available on all models. Anything older than an iPhone 6 does not have the feature and cannot use it to fund their account.

And finally, Apple Pay is still a relatively new service. There are a lot of in-person stores that don’t even accept it as a payment method. So you can probably imagine that there are very few online casinos that accept Apple Pay, limiting the market and making it tough to use as one of your main casino deposit methods.

Best Apple Pay Casinos

There are a few Apple Pay casinos available at the moment, but there’s only one that stands out from the crowd. This site is available in more countries than any other online casino in the market. With a large gaming selection and tons of promotions for its players, this site is truly the best Apply Pay Casino.

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FAQ's About Apple Pay Casinos


Apple Gaming Console

No, Apple Pay does not work on Android. This is a feature made for Apple iPhones. Android has its own corresponding methods of digital payment.

Apple Pay was created for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It is also enabled to work with iPhones 5, 5S, and 5C, as long as you have the Apple Watch. iPhones that come out after the 6 plus will also be equipped with Apple Pay.

When you use Apple Pay to fund your bet365 casino, you will not have to pay a fee. The site does not charge anything for the deposit, and Apple Pay does not require a fee to make transactions. So you never have to deal with part of your gambling money going to unnecessary fees.

Deposits made with Apple Pay are instantaneous. As soon as you press submit on the transaction, your funds will be credited to your account. Apple Pay helps to create safe, fast online transactions for bettors.

Gambling Apple Pay

When you go to make a deposit with Apple Pay, you’ll need to know the limits. The minimum amount you can deposit is $5. The most you can deposit is $5,000. Remember that Deposit limits do not reflect the wager limits.

Apple Pay guarantees fast, safe transactions. You never have to put your credit card info into the public forum when you use Apple Pay. Instead, it all gets stored in just one place. The same goes for when you use Apple Pay casinos – you never have to worry about your card’s info being put out onto the site. It will just be transacted through Apple Pay.