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Posted By admin On 10/04/22
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I see loads of people looking for zynga bot this bot works 100% if anyone has any other zynga bot please share on this thread thanks

Free Texas Holdem Poker the way YOU want to play! Join the world’s most popular online Poker game with more tables, more Poker tournaments, and more people to challenge. Install Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem New Tab Theme and enjoy handpicked HD images of Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem. It comes with some cool properties that will improve your New Tab experience like: - High quality wallpapers with every new tab - Current Date/Time - Shortcut links to social networks and shopping websites We are going to add more feature for you to have better experience on your browser.

A step by step guide including images for ZPB 1.4.5 + 1.4.6 Start to Finnish....
Step 0 Make sure your pc has a screen Resolution of at least 1280x960 the higher the better.
Step 1 Download the latest bot 1.4.6 from the Download Section
Step 2 Extract the Bot Using Winrar to an empty Folder.
Step 3 Double click the bot .exe (or right click and open as admin if on windows 7 ) you will get the following
Step 4 Make sure to have Cleartype and Aero themes disabled on Windows 7
Step 5 Open using Google Chrome
Step 6 Make sure once you have logged in to the lobby that the Chip icon is visible all the way down to Recently Played
Both the FULL and Empty box's are unchecked and that you have ALL set for blinds then finally
you have it set to NORMAL tables.
An image showing exactly how your lobby should look below........

Zbot Download Zynga Poker

Step 6 Next Double click the bot .exe (or right click and open as admin if on windows 7 ) to Start configuration of Bot.
This will take you through three steps. Step 1 is configure your lobby, Just let it do its thing. Step 2 It will join an empty 9 seat
table and sit at two seats then leave. Step 3 you have to sit at a table with players (start step 3 once seated ) and play approx 15-20 hands
making sure to click all the relevant buttons. CHECKCALLRAISE and FOLD
Try and press them a few times each.
Step 7 Ok now we have played the required amount of hands its time to pess the STAND UP button at the table (no need to go to the lobby )
Once we have stood up Press the INSERT KEY ON YOUR PC KEYBOARD this will bring a Box onto your screen.On the left of the box you will
see an image and on the right a drop down box. The aim here is to match the image on the left with an option from the drop down. For example.....
If the image on the left says CALL we would click on the drop down menu on the right and select Call If the image
was RAISE or BET then we would select RAISE from the drop down box etc. etc etc. Now if the image was blank on the
left then just simply select blank from the drop down box. Once this has been done move to next step.
Step 8 Ok so now its time to exit the bot completely. And adjust your lobby. You can check both the EMPTY and FULL box's
Step 9 Next Double click the bot .exe (or right click and open as admin if on windows 7 ) this time you will get an option to START BOT this is what we should do.
Step 10 if all has gone correctly the bot will start to scroll the lobby choose a suitable table then join it, sit down and start playing......
Once everything has gone according to plan and the bot is running correctly. Then is the time to alter your SETTINGS and your PROFILE. To how you would like your
Bot to play....Different Size tables, If you want it to play on normal or fast tables, diffent buyin amounts and of course what cards it should call,raise or go all in with.......
This is Mark 1 of this tutorial and i may have missed 1 or 2 things. If anyone notices something that should be included pleases feel free to let me Know
THKS and everyone enjoy your BOTTING :cheers:
I use this profile for 20k40k fast i got more profiles please share you're profile thanks
this exe is not a virus its a AutoIt file
all_in =AA KK QQ JJ AK TT 99 88 77
raise =
call_strong= AQ
call_any =Zbot
call_upto_high =AJ AT KQ 66 55 44 33 22
call_upto_low =TQ JQ K9 KT KJ 69
call_once =A9 A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2
small_blind =Zbot Download Zynga
all_in =AK
raise =
call_any =
call_upto_high =AJ AT KQ
call_upto_low =A9 A8 A7 KJ KT JQ QT JT J9 J8 T9 T8 Q9 Q8 69
call_once =
small_blind = A6 A5 A4 A3 A2
preflopcallamount =2
flopcallamount =2
turncallamount =2
rivercallamount =2
preflopcallamount =4
flopcallamount =4
turncallamount =4
rivercallamount =4
preflopraiseamount =10
flopraiseamount =10
turnraiseamount =15
riverraiseamount =20
preflopraiseamount =10
flopraiseamount =15
turnraiseamount =35
riverraiseamount =75

Zbot Download Zynga App

66-200=all_inThere is a newer version of this Bot, but the newest one are still in progress and here is a little tut :
1. Prepair
This bot was created with autoit, so download Autoit V3 To fix/edit the script once you get an error
Download Z-Bot Alpha V.7.7
Download Startup GUI code
- Merge The Startup GUI with the Bot
  1. Install AutoitV3
  2. •Put all the .au3 files in Startup GUI code folder into zbot's includes folder
  3. •Put the startinghands.ini file in zbot's data folder
  4. •Edit bot.au3 located in bot folder & Add [#Include 'includesgui_startup.au3'] to zbot's bot.au3 file, at the bottom of the #includes section at the start of the file.
  5. •Modify bot.au3, just below where it says

; bot Console
2. Setup The Bot
Not like an older one, It comes with Startup GUI so you can setup this bot easily
Simply double click 'bot.au3' and it will bring you up to the basic setting :
here you can set what browser do you use, minimum/big blind etc
ZbotEdit Player setting :
Preflop Hand Selector :
and here you can edit your preflop hands
Click All in, Raise etc feature before choosing card
Don't forget to save changes...
Then go to 'settings.ini' file
; should the bot ask for a blind if it is not known
just set to '1' if you watching this bot or set it to '0' if you're not watching the bot
Next step>>
3. Recording Seat
Find 9 empty seat table & start the bot, then let the bot record all 9 seat]
Note: If someone come in and sit at the table while the bot are recording, you should close the bot & restart this step
If you did all the step correctly then let the bot play & win for you xD
Please leave a comment if you like it & Hope you enjoy it...
Credits :
- kozkon (Bot Maker)
- djbarnes (Startup GUI Maker)