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William Hill was one of the first sportsbook operators to offer mobile wagering in Nevada. The international sportsbook operator continues to expand in other states that are legalizing sports betting. William Hill now has US sports betting apps in nearly 10 states and around the world.

  1. William Hill is a registered I.B.A.S bookmaker. For customers outside of Great Britain, this website is operated by William Hill Global PLC, a company registered in Malta with registration number C96298 and registered office at William Hill Global PLC, Tagliaferro Business Centre.
  2. Bet on all of your favourite sports whenever and wherever you want with the William Hill Sports Betting app. From boosting your bet to advanced in-play scoreboards, simply log in using your phone.

With William Hill you can now track bets placed in shops, see live scores and stats, and cash in at any time using your mobile or any device.

Will Hill App

The William Hill sports betting app is different in every state. The biggest difference with the Nevada sports betting app is that remote account setup isn’t possible due to Nevada Gaming Control regulations. Players may begin creating a William Hill account using the app anywhere but the process must be completed inside of a full-service sportsbook.

New customers may finish the signup process by themselves. If they prefer the process may be finished at the sportsbook without actually speaking with another person. The initial signup process may be completed within the app.

New players may still sign up at a William Hill full-service sportsbook counter. They just need to bring a mobile device and government ID in order to complete the new account signup in person with a William Hill ticket writer.

Once an account is established, a player may either fund the app in person at a casino or at a non-casino retail location such as 7 Eleven, CVS, or PT’s Pub. Funds may also be added or withdrawn from the app with a William Hill Priority Access pre-paid debit card.

William Hill isn’t aligned with any individual casino operator. This sportsbook operator has more than 100 sportsbook locations in different casinos throughout Nevada. William Hill has full-service sportsbooks inside of brick and mortar casinos everywhere from Las Vegas to Reno.

William Hill is continuing to expand. The company will soon operate sportsbooks at all Caesars Nevada sportsbooks. William Hill purchased the assets of CG Technology and will take over even more sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

The William Hill Nevada sportsbook app is different from the same brand in other states. While the apps have a similar look, the lines and odds may be different. Additionally, due to different legislation in other states, the sports offered may be different.

One of the things that separates the William Hill Nevada sportsbook app from the competition is the number of wagering options. William Hill offers more sports and derivatives for those events than most Nevada sports betting apps.

In addition to offering more pre-game sports betting options, William Hill offers more live In Play sports betting opportunities. The large betting menu and ample locations make William Hill one of the most popular Nevada sports betting apps.

This William Hill Nevada review breaks down how the betting app works on Android and iOS and how to deposit or cashout.

William Hill Nevada Sportsbook Loyalty Program

William Hill has a loyalty program that rewards sports bettors with free sports bets. Some other Nevada sports betting loyalty accounts offer rewards tied to a particular casino loyalty program. That isn’t the case with William Hill since the company operates independent of a casino operator.

The William Hill Rewards Club offers free bets based on the amount of money wagered. Players can accrue points from horse racing and sports bets that can also become free bets.

Signing up for the William Hill Rewards Club is free. Much like starting a sports betting account, players must sign up for the William Hill Rewards Club at a full-service retail sportsbook location.

Will Hill App

Not all bets are treated the same by the Wiliam Hill Rewards Club. Here’s how different types of bets are treated by the loyalty program:

  • Straight bet (side, total, future): $1 bet = 1 point
  • Parlay or Teaser: $1 bet = 2 points
  • Parlay Card: $1 bet = 5 points
  • Parimutuel (horse race) bet: $1 bet = 1 point

1,000 points accumulated is equal to $1 in free bets. It should be noted that points earned for pari-mutuel race bets are not redeemable for free bets.

Players must present a William Hill Rewards Club card to a ticket writer while placing bets in person at a retail sportsbook. Alternatively, players may insert their rewards card into a kiosk when placing wagers. William Hill will not retroactively reward points if the player forgets to use the rewards card.

Sign Up for William Hill Nevada Sportsbook

There are two ways to sign up for a William Hill sportsbook account in Nevada. Customers may complete the process alone or have a ticket writer at a William Hill sportsbook finish the process.

The William Hill Nevada sportsbook app may be downloaded anywhere. The signup process must be finishedinside of a full-service William Hill sportsbook at a casino.

Like all other Nevada sportsbooks, new players will fill out paperwork, bring legal identification and sign up for a William Hill account in person. The in-person signup process with a ticket writer will take about 10-15 minutes. A few minutes can be saved by submitting paperwork online before visiting a casino.

The following casinos in Las Vegas are a sample of the full-service William Hill sportsbooks in Las Vegas that will take deposits for the William Hill Nevada app:

  • Casino Royale
  • Circus Circus
  • Sahara
  • The Strat
  • The Plaza
  • Binion’s
  • M Resort
  • Oyo (formerly Hooters)
  • Silver Sevens

William Hill also offers no-contact account sign up using the mobile app. The customer must download the app then click “create your account.” After submitting basic information (name, date of birth, etc.) the player must scan both sides of their driver’s license then visit a full-service William Hill sportsbook to finish the process.

After the basic information is complete, the player can visit the closest William Hill sportsbook identified inside the app. After arriving at the sportsbook the new customer shall select “I’m here.” The app will then confirm the player’s location. The next step is to take a selfie at the sportsbook.

The account will be approved in about five minutes after the photo is submitted during normal business hours. This is when a new player may fund an account at a kiosk or with the ticket writer.

After setting up an account, players can fund an account inside of the sportsbook with a ticket writer or at a kiosk. Players can also fund an account at a PT’s Pub (or affiliated tavern), participating retail partner (7 Eleven or CVS) or via mobile device using a William Hill Priority Access debit card.

The account may be used as soon as either the signup process is complete.

William Hill Sportsbook App Nevada

The William Hill sportsbook app uses proprietary software unlike some other sports betting apps in the Silver State. The app is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate and place wagers.

The William Hill NV app has a home page listing all sports available for wagering. Each sport is easy to find thanks to an icon that complements the text with the name of the game. There’s a yellow notification next to each sport when live In Play wagering is available.

Clicking on a sport leads to a page with tabs for pregame lines and totals, futures and In Play wagers available. The latter is only shown when there’s a game in progress.

The top of every page has a hamburger menu icon on the left. This menu has links to parlay cards, promotions, In Play betting, house rules, terms and conditions. There’s also a tutorial on how to use the app and how to deposit funds. This area is also how players can enable “Quick Bet.” This option allows wagers to be placed without using the slower Bet Slip.

The William Hill logo sits atop each page with a banking tab that notes how much money is in the account. The right side at the top of each page is an icon for a bet slip. This changes colors when there’s a wager placed. The slip also notes how many wagers are ready to be placed.

The banking tab links to a menu with account and deposit history. This is also where players can see their balance or withdraw add funds. Players can see their open tickets and transaction history from this tab.

Nevada sports bettors will find the William Hill Nevada sportsbook app easy to navigate. It’s one of the more intuitive sports betting apps available in the Silver State. The software itself is quick to load and responsive.


Live Betting at William Hill Sportsbook

Live In Play betting is one of the key features of the William Hill Nevada Sportsbook app. Bettors have been flocking to the William Hill app for years because of its large In Play betting menu.

In Play betting might be easier to find than the individual sports available in the William Hill app. The icons and text for each sport are uniform blue on white. The app makes In Play wagering easy to find with yellow highlights next to the sports offering live betting. The yellow stands out since it’s a different color and not used nearly as often as the blue color.

William Hill has more live betting options than most Nevada sports wagering apps. Just about every sports betting app in Nevada offers live betting for major sports based in America like basketball, baseball, hockey, and football.

The William Hill Nevada sports betting app takes live betting to another level where others don’t. William Hill offers live In Play betting for sports around the world. The app has live betting for almost every international sport including tennis, international soccer, and other non-mainstream sports.

The In Play wagering options is part of what makes the William Hill app stand out from the competition.

It’s easy to see changes in live odds with the William Hill sportsbook app. Changes are highlighted with red or green boxes when odds move.

One of the best features of the William Hill Nevada sportsbook app is the speed. This is important for all betting but especially useful when live betting a game as odds can change quickly.

Having said that, the app sometimes slows down or starts “thinking” when trying to place a wager. This is frustrating for multiple reasons. The most important is that the odds can change while the app is stalled. Depending on the event and odds, this could make In Play wagering difficult to enjoy.

Overall, the William Hill app in Nevada is one of the quickest in the state and works well for live betting.

William Hill Sports Betting Options

The William Hill sportsbook app offers more traditional and esports than most in Nevada. There’s something for bettors of every level of experience. Odds can be different than other sportsbooks since the William Hill app has such a wide customer base from Reno to Las Vegas. The broad customer base can wager differently than a smaller operation. The different betting trends may produce contrasting odds and lines.

One of the calling cards since William Hill opened is the large betting menu and types of bets available. William Hill offers all of the basic sports bets:

  • Straight bets (moneyline and point spreads)
  • Futures
  • Propositions (props)
  • Matchups
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Parlay Cards
  • Round robins
  • In Play (live betting)
Will Hill App

In addition to a massive In Play betting menu, William Hill also has parlay cards available. Parlay Cards have been extremely popular in casinos as they give bettors a chance to win big with a small wager. The William Hill Nevada sportsbook app is one of the few that offers both parlay cards and traditional parlays chosen by individual bettors.

William Hill Software

The William Hill Sportsbook app uses proprietary software created by Computerized Bookmaking Systems, Inc. William Hill is the only Nevada sportsbook app that uses this software.

Will Hill Appliance Repair

The software looks different than all other apps on the market. The William Hill Nevada sportsbook app is easy to read with menus that use traditional dark text on a white background. Individual wagers feature odds in black bold print in shaded gray boxes.

Once a wager is selected, the box turns blue and the bet slip icon turns yellow with a number representing each wager. The bet slip is easy to understand. Players have the option of placing individual game wagers or may choose to parlay or tease the selections.

The William Hill Sportsbook app includes constantly changing In Play wagering menu that offers more sports than most Nevada sportsbook apps. The odds change constantly throughout events. When odds improve the shaded box turns green. When they are worse, the box turns red. Both changes are also noted with a corresponding up or down arrow.

Unlike most Nevada sportsbook apps, the William Hill Sportsbook app has a tab for promotions. This section of the app features new campaigns and contests.

In addition to an aesthetically pleasing design, the William Hill Sportsbook app is quick, responsive and easy to use. Lastly, William Hill also has a similar app for tablet users. Most Nevada sports betting apps just have one app for all mobile devices.

William Hill Banking Options: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods


William Hill Sports Nevada accounts must first be funded in person at a full-service retail sportsbook with a ticket writer or kiosk.

The following casinos in Las Vegas are a sample of the full-service William Hill sportsbooks in Las Vegas that will take deposits for the William Hill Nevada app:

William Hill App Dc

  • Casino Royale
  • Circus Circus
  • Sahara
  • Oyo (formerly Hooters)
  • The Strat
  • The Plaza
  • Binion’s
  • M Resort
  • Silver Sevens

Funding an account after the initial in-person sign up may take place in person at any William Hill Nevada sportsbook, online with a William Hill Priority Access prepaid card, or at a participating retail location such as PT’s Taverns, 7 Eleven and CVS.


Players have three options to withdraw funds from a William Hill Nevada sportsbook account. Most players will choose to withdraw funds at a full-service William Hill sportsbook. A player may also call 702.754.1280 to request a check. William Hill will mail a check to the address on record.

Customers may also withdraw funds directly from the app with William Hill Priority Access. The money withdrawn will go to a Discover card account. The customer can then spend the money wherever Discover is accepted.

William Hill Priority Access Prepaid card

The William Hill Priority Access prepaid card is a way for players to fund and withdraw money from a sports wagering account. Like other Nevada sportsbook apps, William Hill uses the Play+ platform.

The William Hill Priority Access prepaid card may be open only after a William Hill account is set up and funded inside of a casino. The steps to set up a prepaid card account from the William Hill App:

  1. Go to the wallet in the upper right corner of the William Hill app
  2. Join Play+
  3. Select deposit or withdraw
  4. Enter the date of birth and social security number
  5. Read terms and conditions
  6. Click agree and the account is set up to withdraw or fund an account.

William Hill App

The terms, conditions and fees for the Play + account are detailed inside of the account. There might be limits on the amount and quantity of withdrawals for each account. When funds are withdrawn from the William Hill account the Priority Access prepaid card is credited.

William Hill App Update

The William Hill prepaid card is simple to set up and use. Using this service a player will only have to visit a casino once to set up a William Hill account. Unlike other states, there may be a fee for this convenience in Nevada.

Will Hill Apple

After setting up an account, a player may fund and withdraw from a William Hill account without visiting a casino again.