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Posted By admin On 02/04/22

Topbet is a leading mobile gambling website in South Africa where you can place bets on sport, horse racing and number games and for this purpose it is not on mandatory to leave your home to get to ant of the company’s physical shops or to sit on your computer. The bookmaker is fully accessible via a mobile device, too. The best thing is that the betting company has made everything possible to create something really qualitative and specially tailored for the punters who own the most modern smartphones, as well as those who have not so modern mobile devices at all.

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Topbet Apk
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  • The Top Bet Predict site is of the best sources of information that are available to know and understand about the betting predictions for all the games. The amazing aspect of all this is that the users will now be able to make decisions based on the latest and up to date information that is available online. is the address for the light version and the specific thing about is that here you are not going to see any images or banners. This is not made by chance, but on purpose and the purpose is making this mobile page compatible to the oldest mobile devices.

Text is the only thing you will see in this light mobile website version and in all the gambling games here there’s almost the same path direction to take when you want to reach a specific market. The first thing you need to do is to click on the type of the gambling game and then, on the category (for instance, first you click on the football bets and then you find the category for a certain country from where the event you are looking for is). Then, you have to press on the market icon and it is when you will finally see the odds. In order to reduce the page size to an extreme limit, the bookie does not allow you to see the markets for more than 1 single event in one single page.

When you enter the official domain this bookie operates at in your mobile browser you will see the mobile version opening. This version, though, is the one for the newest smartphones and tablets. It is where you will see many images and beautiful graphics elements that make the entire betting environment prettier and alongside with it you get larger size for the pages. Of course, this entire luxurious experience costs you more internet traffic, too.

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Topbet Apk App

The modern mobile website version is quite amazing and we are sure that you are going to like it. However, it is not perfect, no doubt. There is one thing we don’t find here and we wish we could. We are talking about the menu at the bottom of the screen. The main benefit of placing such a menu, where usually there are quick links to the main pages such as the bet slip page, the deposit page, the live betting page and etc, is doubtless, which is why this arrangement has become very popular, but efficient in the betting industry, too. In short, most of the biggest bookies do integrate it in their mobile versions and the apps they offer.

Topbet Apk Free

Topbet ApkApp

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And if there’s something we fully don’t like about Topbet’s mobile betting experience is the lack of an application. This is, by the way, a very common problem on the betting market in South Africa. More than 95% of the local betting operators do not offer any apps. Such a tendency shows that this aspect of the gambling sphere has been still underestimated by the bookies in South Africa.