Hallmark Movie Bingo 2019

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Happy Friday! I have a little treat for you – I made Hallmark Movie Bingo cards. This is the perfect way to make your weekend movie watching a bit more fun.

Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO. Happy Ending City girl goes to the country holiday BREAK-UP Single parent Small town Christmas pageant Baking Christmas cookies Sleigh ride Snowball fight Someone hates Christmas caroling. 11/8/2019 5:52:48 PM.

It’s cold out, snow is in the forecast, and Hallmark showing Christmas movies non-stop. It is the perfect weekend to stay in your pajamas and to have a movie marathon.

We all know that these movies follow a pretty basic formula. A busy big city career woman has to go back home for the holidays, runs into a handsome guy in her hometown, does cute Christmasy things with him, falls in love, and doesn’t go back to the city. Sometimes amnesia is involved, sometimes the guy is royalty, and sometimes a local business is failing.

These Hallmark Movie Bingo cards can also be applied to Lifetime holiday movies and other cheesy romantic Christmas movies. My goal was to hit all the classic cliches and to create four completely unique bingo cards that could each be winners.

My Free Bingo Cards – print up to 100 Hallmark movie bingo cards or generic Christmas movie bingo cards. Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Not in the card preview. Tater Tots and Jello – Holiday movie cards perfect for children, since the cards feature pictures instead of words. So, Candace Cameron Bure isn’t mentioned, nor is the 90s-teen. New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 26th - February 28th NYC movie theaters are reopening, and it's got us in our feelings 'I like to take my clothes off and smile' - Chelsea Handler skis. Parent Directory 20-Feb-2021 14:49 - (Kuning) The-Lighthouse-2019-WebRip-WebDL-HDRip-EveryAgent.srt 21-Dec-2019 13:49 88k 0-0MHz-HD.720p.srt 20-Aug-2019 12:59 24k 07 Resident Evil Damnation Animation - Horror 2012 Eng Subs 720p H264-mp4-s. 30-Dec-2019 23:03 56k 10-Days In Sun City-SD.360p.srt 26-Nov-2019 12:44 84k 10-Minutes Gone-SD.360p.srt 30-Sep-2019 10:28 80k 100-SD.360p.srt 26-Jun. Countdown to Christmas 2020. This holiday season, enjoy Hallmark Channel's 2019 Countdown to Christmas, with festive movies all day and all night! Enter sweepstakes, get the schedule, explore recipes, and more.

The fun thing about Hallmark Movie Bingo is that you can play a new round with each new movie. In that case you might want to put coins or slips of paper to mark the squares instead of writing on them.

Hallmark Movie Bingo Cards:

Hallmark movie bingo cards 2019

By clicking on each card, a new tab will open and you can print from there. If you use the cards – I would love to know! Just tag me on Instagram @thekittchen.

Here are a few of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies that go perfectly with this game:

The Spirit of Christmas: Now available on Netflix but originally made for Lifetime, a woman staying at a small town inn falls in love with a ghost. It’s surprisingly good.

The Christmas Prince Movies: A New York City journalist travels to a small picturesque European town to write a story about the Prince who is about to become King. The sequel covers their royal wedding, and the third installment due this year involves a baby. Kudos to Netflix for making three of these.

A Gift to Remember: After an accident, a handsome man has amnesia and needs help piecing his life together.

Christmas Inheritance: An heiress poised to inherit her father’s business must go to a small town to delivery a letter, hijinks ensue.

The Christmas Inn: Tia Mowry-Hardict from Sister Sister is a big city workaholic who inherits her aunt’s inn in Alaska. She falls for the charming town that loves Christmas.

The Princess Switch: A Chicago baker travels to the fictional country of Belgravia to compete in a Christmas baking contest. Once there she switches places with a duchess who looks just like her.

Note: this isn’t part of an official collaboration with Hallmark.

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Psst! Want to hear my secret to getting my husband, kids, and other friends and family members to happily binge-watch Hallmark Christmas movies with me each year? We make it a game! Now they beg to watch “just one more” as soon as the final credits roll.

Last year they were mocking me for watching them, so I made up some basic, handmade Bingo boards and told them to fill the squares with all the things you might see in a Christmas movie. They had a blast making fun of the movies while watching for things on their boards that might win them Bingo.

This year I refined it a bit and figured out some new ways to play, so I thought I’d share them with you. Take a look!

Note: You can play this with any of the Christmas TV movies playing this time of year, whether they’re on Hallmark, Lifetime, Netflix, or wherever. Also, there are Amazon affiliate links in this post that may earn me commission.

How to Play Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

I especially love the holiday movies that feature fabulous houses like the one in Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane, which I featured last year.

I’m using “Hallmark” as a shorthand to describe the types of movies I’m talking about. They can be on any of the stations that roll out these kinds of flicks, really, like Lifetime, Netflix, or UPtv.

Even though the plots may be as thin as a Gingerbread cookie, they’re usually mindless fun.

And I found that they’re even more addictive when you watch with friends or family members with a Bingo card in hand.

Here’s the first Bingo card I made last year when I was trying to convince everyone to play:
I cut up yellow Post-It notes to use as “markers” to cover the squares, as you can see below.

A Bingo App for Your Phone

That was pretty basic, and the sheets didn’t hold up well with repeated use.

So this year we decided to experiment with Bingo apps on our phones.

There are several out there to choose from, but we settled on the app called “Bingo Editions.”

It’s free, easy to use, and makes it possible to change up and scramble the options on the board for each round, which keeps things interesting.

With the Bingo app, you can create different game boards with however many entries you’d like.

Hit the “Refresh” button whenever you’re ready to start a new game and it’ll scramble them for you.

(Note: There’s not a lot of room to write the words in the squares, so you sometimes have to abbreviate them or use code words that the group agrees on.)

Here’s what a typical Bingo board will look like on your phone:

Some of the Hallmark Christmas Movie categories we all agreed on were:

  • The main character wears a red coat
  • An ex boyfriend or girlfriend comes on the scene
  • Story involves a Christmas-themed business like a candy cane factory
  • A kiss gets interrupted
  • There’s a Christmas miracle
  • Someone bakes a family recipe
  • Main character lost a mother or father and talks about them
  • Character travels from a big city to a small town
  • The snow is obviously fake
  • The green screen in a scene is so bad it’s laughable
  • Main character lives in a charming house they probably couldn’t afford in real life
  • Someone drives a classic red pickup truck
See the house from Holly & Ivy (it’s for sale!)

You can use whatever you want on your boards, just as long as you all agree on them to make it fair.

You can make it harder to get Bingo depending on how specific you are with the categories. Last year we learned that certain things were hard to get and made the games drag on longer.

This year we opted for easier things like gingerbread houses and Santa sightings to keep things moving.

Our cat Cress has a habit of jumping up on the console in front of the TV and blocking the screen while we’re watching, so we even added a square for that! 🙂

Whenever you see something onscreen that you have on your board, point it out to the other players and make sure everyone agrees that it fits the category.

You’ll simply tap the squares with your finger to mark them and the square will turn green.

Here’s what the screen looks like when you get Bingo:

When you get 5 in a row in any direction, the app calls out “BINGO!”
We keep a running tally on a small white board throughout the holiday season.
We even bought a trophy to give whoever has the most points by New Year’s:
Hallmark.com has Bingo boards you can download, print out and use.
If you prefer a pre-made paper version, you can buy a game pad in Hallmark stores:
Visit my Movie Houses page to see all the holiday movies I’ve featured,
including Holly & Ivy and Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane.

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo 2019

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