Christmas Bingo For Preschoolers

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Christmas Bingo Game Supplies (Black and White) Copy paper; Crayons or Do-a-Dot markers; Printable black and white version of the Christmas Bingo Game; Give each child in your small group one Christmas bingo mat. Next, place a bowl or basket of. This free Christmas bingo printable includes an array of seasonal pictures that are easily recognizable — making it great for kids of all ages, no reading necessary. To play, you'll need a host.

  1. 24 Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

These Christmas Bingo printables are great for everyone getting together and having fun! Filled with festive holiday fun and holiday related vocabulary words, use these all throughout the month of December, use them if you are hosting your Christmas dinner, or play the game in your classroom. There are 30 mats included so that all the children in your class can play.


This Christmas Bingo pack contains all you need to have fun this Christmas playing a simple, yet fun game that people of all ages can enjoy. Add them to your Christmas sensory bin for more holiday themed fun!

Materials Required:

  • Cardstock ~ to print the cards and boards out on
  • Laminator ~ to laminate the cards and boards
  • Bingo chips or markers to place on the boards

This Christmas Bingo pack contains calling cards as well as thirty different bingo boards all with a Christmas theme.

With thirty-two calling cards containing all different Christmas related images, there is lots of fun and learning to be had over this Christmas. Also included are thirty different Christmas bingo boards, each containing twenty-five different images. These boards contain the name of the image for as well to help children with matching the images to the words.

While playing this fun Christmas themed bingo, children will be reviewing their vocabulary, word recognition and fine motor skills while using manipulatives to mark their images and of course, picture and word recognition. The Christmas game cards can be used to play a matching game (print out two copies of the calling cards) and as vocabulary words. Older children can use them for spelling practice.


But honestly, they are more fun and a great social type of activity.

To prepare the Christmas Bingo, print out the calling cards and the bingo boards in white cardstock or paper. Laminate the bingo boards, cut out the calling cards and laminate them too.

Store together in a clear document folder with the calling cards held together in a zip lock bag as well as a zip lock bag containing manipulatives that can be used as markers on the boards.

There are two options available for this Christmas Bingo pack; a very pretty, colorful version and a black and white for those who want to save their color ink.

You can get the Bingo set here.

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24 Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

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