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Teesside University SU Events. 6,099 likes 7 talking about this 196 were here. The official page for all events going on at your Students' Union. Press 'Like' to see photos & get information. Mazda Bongo Camper Van Sales And Conversions. Welcome to our website! At you'll find top quality used Mazda Bongos and Ford Fredas for sale at an affordable price. Please feel free to browse our van sales page and call or complete our enquiry form to ask any questions you may have. If you already own a Mazda Bongo, Ford Freda, Volkswagen T4 or T5. NIGHTCLUB sensation Bongo’s Bingo has spread to a Tyneside care home. The revamped version of the traditional game, which has become popular in clubs and venues around the UK, was played at Waverley Lodge Care Home, in Lemington, near Newcastle.


When most of us think of a bingo hall, it’s common to conjure up imagery of little old ladies sitting at tables in a huge establishment waiting for the caller to shout numbers out for them to dab off their various cards. Well, that may have been the bingo way several years ago, but in terms of today’s bingo world, it has attracted a much younger audience as well. This has seen players of all ages start to participate in the activity, although it seems that sometimes, that’s not always a good thing.

Bongo Bingo Teesside

Violence isn’t something that would normally find itself being linked up with bingo, but it seems to be turning into much more of a frequent occurrence. That’s quite the surprise to many people, and believe us, we were shocked about it as well. Alas, it’s not actually a specifically recent change. According to various sources, since younger people began frequenting bingo halls, it has sparked quite the range of arguments and fights between them and the older generation.

Bongos Bingo Teesside Uni

Obviously, you’ll sometimes find that participants will hit their neighbour with a purse or give them a small slap on their arm, and those types of altercations don’t tend to go any farther. However, it can sometimes end up reaching tipping point, and players will end up in an all-out scuffle. For example, a nursing home game of bingo, taking place in Canada, saw two elderly women get into a scuffle over the fact that one of them took the seat that another always sits in for bingo!

Yet, there are also more specific incidents that have occurred in relation to bingo halls.

Bingo Assault Leaves Woman with Broken Nose in Haverfordwest

At the end of 2019, an attack took place in a bingo hall’s toilet cubicle, which left a female player with a broken nose. When this incident was reported, the police believed that a woman had attempted to drag two other women out of a cubicle and proceeded to assault them in the process. Dyfed-Powys police appealed for witnesses to step forward over the attack, which took place at Flamingo Bingo in Haverfordwest Pavilion, Pembrokeshire.

This occurred on December 21, and it led to the Flamingo Bingo establishment to announce that “violent behaviour will not be tolerated at our events”, via its official Facebook page. Little further information was handed out with regard to why the assault took place and the events leading up to it. However, it is said that the attacker pulled one of her victim’s hair before punching another one in the face, which obviously led to the broken nose.

Bongo Bingo Teesside 2020

It is also said that there were plenty of revellers who witnessed the event take place though, as the bingo happening was hosted by the Romanian singing duo The Cheeky Girls. That provided enough incentive for players to be out in full force on that night, supposedly.


Bizarre Assault Leads to Woman’s Eyelashes Being Ripped Out

In perhaps one of the stranger assaults to be heard of in a bingo hall, one woman’s fake eyelashes were torn out by a double-ended dildo! This particular incident wasn’t really a situation of assault, as the girl in question, Tegan Denham had the object in her own hands and was dancing around with it.

In a video that was posted online via Twitter, Denham is seen revelling at a Bongo’s Bingo establishment, swinging the erotic sex toy around in the process. As she proceeds with her antics, the extra-long double-ended dildo smacks her in the face, leading to her raising her hand to her obviously hurting head and eye. Yet, obviously she had had enough alcoholic beverages to not want to stop dancing, although she later uploaded a video of the damage that the dildo had caused.

Bongo Bingo Teesside University

The video displays a gap in her false eyelashes, which seem to have been ripped off by the offending object – something that Denham later confirmed was the outcome. Not only that, but it seems as though the dildo has left her with a black eye as well, which she was doubtless a little miffed over. Alas, it’s likely to provide her with an entertaining story to tell others in the future.

There’s the potential for Bongo’s Bingo to have further revellers injure themselves in March when former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, headlines the Blackpool Tower establishment’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations.