Blank Christmas Bingo Cards

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This classic Christmas bingo game is a simple way to entertain kids at holiday parties or for a fun family game night. Just print, cut, and play!

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Use our free set of Christmas bingo cards to play with your friends and family! The free set of six cards is the perfect size for most families and small groups, but if you need larger quantities, we have upgrades available in the shop! The upgraded card sets come in bundles of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 50 cards, so there’s something for groups of all sizes! These Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards are the perfect Christmas activity for a cozy indoor Christmas party. These free bingo cards feature easily recognizable holiday characters like a Gingerbread man, Santa, Reindeer and more. We designed 12 different bingo boards in the free printable set, so it’s perfect for small groups and families!

Are your kids going bonkers for Christmas right now? Mine certainly are. We have lots of festive activities planned for the next few weeks, so hopefully the time will fly by quickly for them.

How to Play Christmas Bingo. Head to any of the featured posts below to download the set of free printable Christmas bingo cards you are interested in using. Print file at home or at your local print store. If you plan to use the cards over and over, consider using sturdier cardstock or possibly laminating the cards.

Last week, we kicked off December with a Polar Express party for some of the neighborhood kids. It was so fun! The kids had a ridiculous amount of sugar, so you know they all went home happy.

This week on the blog, I’m going to be sharing several posts about how I pulled together a festive and fun party without making myself completely crazy. Because nobody needs more stress this time of year.

First up is this printable Christmas Bingo game! It was one of our party games, and it was a hit! Whether you’re hosting family for the holidays, planning a neighborhood or class party, or are just looking for anything to keep your crazy kiddos occupied until Christmas, this game is for you!

Free Blank Christmas Bingo Cards


Enough chit-chat though. Let’s get to making the game!


  • Printable Bingo game packet
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • laminator/plastic sheets (optional but highly recommended if you want to be able to use the game again)
  • Holiday M&Ms or other small markers (pennies, beads, mini erasers, etc.)


  1. Print out and cut Bingo cards and calling cards. Laminate, if desired.
  2. Give each player a Bingo card and 25 small markers (we used M&Ms).
  3. Have players put a marker on the “free” space.
  4. Flip all the calling cards upside down. Flip one right side up and call it out (example: “snowman!”) and help players find and mark the snowman on their cards.
  5. Continue play until someone gets Bingo! After someone gets Bingo, you can continue the same game, or you can clear the boards and start a new round.



You can also try one of these variations:

  1. Instead of having one designated Bingo caller, allow players to take turns flipping over cards. (This only works well in small groups where you can put the cards in the middle of a table where everyone can reach.) Everyone still places a marker for each picture flipped over, not just the player who flipped it.
  2. Play around with the rules of what a player has to do to “win”. Require the winner to get two Bingos…or even Bingo in two different directions (my boys loved this one).

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Blank Christmas Bingo Cards

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A Christmas party is the perfect occasion to break out fancy decorations, games, and festive food. This joyful time of the year brings families together while having fun and creating memories. Whether you're hosting a gathering that's in-person or online, Christmas bingo is a great game for people of all ages to enjoy!

With a Christmas bingo card template, you can create cards for different themes. In addition to numbers, holiday images such as a Christmas tree, reindeer, and hot cocoa can fill each space. Round up your favorite festive songs for a Christmas music bingo card. It's not an official Christmas music bingo card without 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' by Mariah Carey!

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a personalized Christmas bingo card using a free template. Get creative with your theme, and if you do not have bingo chips, try candy for a sweeter game!

  1. Open the Christmas Bingo Card template
  2. Fill in the grid
  3. Add decorations
  4. Export and download

Step 1: Open the Christmas Bingo Card Template

Printable Blank Christmas Bingo Cards


I'll be using Kapwing, a free online photo and video editor to make my bingo card. Click the blue Make It button below to access the free Christmas bingo card template. Click one of the Output Sizes or Custom to change the size if you prefer different dimensions.

Step 2: Fill in the Grid

I'll be filling in my grid with classic holiday songs, but you can use images as well. Click Images then Upload to share photos from your computer or click ImageSearch to find photos from Google. Click Text to add numbers or words to each box. I added a Christmas tree to the free space to complete my grid. Below are some ideas for your bingo grid.

  • Christmas movies
  • Holiday food
  • Christmas traditions
  • Christmas characters (The Grinch and Frosty the Snowman)

Blank Christmas Bingo Cards

Step 3: Add Decorations

This is optional, but I added holly and Christmas tree illustrations to my bingo card. Add decorations by clicking Images then Image Search to find photos or upload images from your computer.

Step 4: Export and Download

When you're done adding the final touches to your Christmas bingo card, click the red Export Image button then, Download. If you're having a virtual holiday party, Copy Link afterclicking export image to share the bingo card with your guests.

I hope this tutorial helped you make a festive Christmas bingo card for a fun holiday with friends and family. For more content, make sure to subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Be sure to tag us so we can see what you create!

Blank Christmas Bingo Sheet

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