Bingo On Zoom Call

Posted By admin On 15/04/22

This bingo card has a free space and 40 words: 'Well actually', Someone has an issue with tech, Someone's phone rings, You spot a pet, 'EBITA', Someone's mic isn't muted when it should be, 'Sorry, you go ahead', Star Wars item spotted, 'Great Day', Someone starts walking around while leaving on their camera, Virtual background is eating somebody's head, House plant spotted, 'Does that make sense?', You see someone drinking something, Someone walks through the room in the background, 'Can you hear me now?', Someone is eating on camera, 'Can everyone see this', Dirty dishes in the background, '___ you're muted', 'To be fair', Someone's mic goes in and out while they're talking, 'Oh, I think we lost ____', Dog barking, 'Next slide please', Something won't load, Meeting starts with a Poll, Meeting ends with a poll, Poll Everywhere or Menti is used, Person talking has connection issues, 'Can y'all hear that?', Someone randomly starts annotating while on screen share, 'It's good to 'see' everyone', Off-topic conversation happens in the chat, You're asked to put something in the chat, Bye everyone, You see someone talking while on mute, A link is put in the chat, 'I'm gonna turn it over to___' and You hear an echo.

Below you'll find three bingo cards that you can use to play Zoom Bingo on your next call. The boxes on the cards are all shuffled so you can play with your friends or colleagues too, if you think they would be up for it. Just make sure that you're also paying attention to the call while you're looking for cues to win the game! Joining them on a Zoom call, McConaughey and his family helped out by calling the numbers, awarding prizes and even hosting a Q&A session for the players. Alright, alright, alright! Man hosts bingo night for his whole street.

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