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Posted By admin On 27/03/22
Arguably the most popular and noteworthy casino game in the world, blackjack is now available for real money play on your mobile device. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, Android, tablet, or iPad, there are blackjack apps that pay real money in the US and are waiting to deal you in.
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Blackjack 21 FREE is the Best Free Blackjack Card Game poker app for Kindle and Android! NEW FEATURES ADDED FOR 2015 INCLUDING SLOT MACHINES!! Play today FOR FREE! BlackJack app by AbZorba Games is one more app with lots of customizable features. The app has a modern-looking design and, what is more, it transfers you the atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos. When you open the app for the first time, you are offered to choose your game face (avatar).

Android blackjack games

Blackjack is the best way to perfect this timeless table game for fun, offline and completely risk free! Similar to Twenty One, Pontoon and Vingt-Un, this Las Vegas casino classic challenges you to try and get as close to 21 as possible to win the jackpot. Bet big to win big, or play the long game and prove you can beat the dealer! With free chips, you can play this casino style game with no. Play blackjack as if you were at the casino! This is the MOST popular blackjack game on the store, with millions of downloads. This is a free blackjack game designed for iPhone, iPhone X and iPad - with large detailed cards and chips - that you can play against the dealer.

RankOnline CasinoKey InfoBonus InfoVisit Casino
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • Instant Play & Download
  • Over 250+ Online Slots
  • 4-8 Hr. Payout Time

If you’re looking to jump right into the action, the list above will suit your needs with a variety of casinos offering high-quality blackjack apps for your device. If you’d like to learn about why these online casinos have made our list and the important things you should watch out for, then continue reading below for more information.

Android blackjack games

Best Android Poker App

Features of the Top US Blackjack Apps for Money

While you may be quick to hop on over to Google or the App Store and choose one of the first online blackjack apps you see, we’d caution you to pump the brakes. You see, not all blackjack apps are created equal. While there are some absolutely incredible options out there, you’ll also run into some less than stellar options that you need to avoid and plenty that don’t offer real money blackjack games.

What are some of the key features of a top real money blackjack app? Glad you asked. Below, we’ve broken down some of the most important features we look for when picking out our favorite options. Keep in mind that all of these features come second to things like safety, security, and trustworthiness, which are analyzed first. No casino apps make it to that part of our review process unless they pass all our rigorous checks in those categories.

Blackjack Pays 3/2

New players might not realize this, but different USA blackjack apps offer different payouts on blackjack. While it’s not a big difference, it can have a huge effect on your wins and losses. USA online casinos will either pay you 3/2 or 6/5 on blackjack. What does that look like? Why this is so important? Let’s say you make a $10 bet.

  • If you hit blackjack at a casino paying 3/2, you’ll get paid $15 in profit!
  • If you hit that same blackjack at a casino paying 6/5, you’ll only get $12 in profit.

Smooth Card Animations

The top online blackjack apps understand you’re playing to have a good time. If it feels like you’re playing with software designed in the 1990s, you’re not going to have much fun. There’s nothing exciting about slow, glitchy, and unsmooth card animations. All of the best blackjack apps we recommend help to give you the look and feel of playing at a real table.

Auto-Action Selection Options on Blackjack Apps

A major perk of playing blackjack online for real money is that you can take advantage of auto-action selectors. While these aren’t available with all betting apps, many do offer them. These are boxes you can check to make certain actions automatically based on game conditions.

For example, if you want to double down every time you have 10 or 11, you can tell the game to do that without asking. If you want to stand every time you have 17 or higher without the game asking, you can do that. While these are not mandatory for us to recommend online blackjack apps, we love to see them.

Multiple Blackjack Game Variations

While blackjack is a simple game, there are many variations and rulesets out there that patrons like to play. Why on earth would you waste your time playing a version of the game you’re not interested in? When we’re selecting the top blackjack apps, we make sure they offer all of the most popular variations, as well as some of the more obscure ones.

The Ability to Surrender

Depending on what your blackjack strategy is, you may want to have the option to surrender in certain situations. Spoiler alert, perfect blackjack strategy does require you to surrender in certain spots.

But not every casino in the world gives you the ability to do so. Why?

They will claim it’s because it confuses patrons, but the real reason is to earn an even bigger edge. When we’re picking out the top apps for blackjack to recommend to you, we always look to see if they give you the ability to surrender. The house will always have the edge, why should we make things any easier on them?

In-Game and Deposit Bonus Options

If you don’t love bonuses and chances to win big, we can’t be friends! In all seriousness, we’re well aware that blackjack players love to feel taken care of. When we’re picking out the best real money blackjack apps, we look for mobile online casinos that offer bonus game options while you’re playing as well as bonuses on your deposits. Additionally, they should offer you bonuses for continued loyalty and regular play. Whether you’re a big-time player betting huge or you’re a small-time recreational player, you should get to feel like a VIP.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

While this is not a requirement to make our US blackjack apps approved list, it’s certainly something we like to see. Live dealer blackjack games are set up where you can play blackjack for money from your mobile phone or tablet on a real table anywhere in the world.

Through video technology, you will see a real dealer dealing actual cards on your screen. All your bets and decisions are made virtually, but the action plays out in real-time on a real table. It’s the closest you can get to live casino action without needing to leave the house.

What We Promise You With Our Blackjack App Rankings

  • Real money blackjack apps don’t pay us for a better review or to be put onto our list.
  • We make it our mission to keep our recommended lists up to date by constantly checking sites we’ve already recommended and new apps in the industry.
  • None of our reviews are completed by amateurs. We only utilize professionals with decades of industry experience to ensure our reviews and rankings are as accurate as possible.

Will These Blackjack Apps Work With My Device?

Best Android Blackjack App

Great question! When you’re utilizing blackjack apps, it’s important to look at device compatibility. The good news is that if you have a device that uses one of the most popular operating systems, you should have no issues. iPhone blackjack apps and Android blackjack apps are a dime a dozen and leave users with plenty of high-quality options to choose from.

The best way to know if an app is compatible with your device is to check their website. Blackjack apps for iPhone and Android blackjack apps will always have the operating system logo somewhere on the site, letting you know they are compatible. Additionally, if you happen to find the casino in your device’s app store, you’ll be in good shape. You can also bypass all the work and check out our lists of best online casinos for US players.

Blackjack Apps FAQ

  • Yes, there are plenty of mobile apps that allow you to play blackjack for real money. Not every app is created equal and they certainly don’t all accept real money wagering, so make sure to stick to our recommended blackjack casinos.

  • What Happens If I Get Disconnected From My Blackjack Apps?

    Disconnections on blackjack apps depend on the processes and procedures put in place by the casino. In most instances, they have disconnection protection that will preserve the action until you are able to get reconnected. The good news about blackjack is that online, it is an individual game, so there are no other players that have to wait for you to be reconnected. If you are playing a live dealer format, you may have a certain period of time to get reconnected.

    We recommend you take a minute and review their disconnection policies before you sign up for any betting apps. Make sure you are okay with how things are handled before proceeding. We will tell you this. The best blackjack apps have great processes in place to keep players protected.

  • The legality of blackjack apps depend on where you live and the laws implemented there. For the most part, blackjack apps are not illegal in the US, but it can vary depending on local laws. If you live in the United States, you can check out our online gambling section for a state by state breakdown.

  • Yes! As long as two things remain true. First, you need to make sure you’re sticking to the safest blackjack apps. Every option recommended in this guide has been fully vetted, and we can confidently say is safe. Outside of that, we can’t vouch for other casino apps. Second, you need to make sure you’re doing your part. This means following general internet safety and gambling rules like not gambling when you’re intoxicated or emotional, using a strong account password, and keeping your computer software and antivirus up to date.

    If you can do those two things, your experience with playing real money blackjack on a mobile app will be safe!

  • Yes! Most of the best blackjack apps recommended in this guide also have play money options. These play money tables utilize the same software and random number generators as the real money games, which gives you an accurate and honest look at what real money play is going to be like. Even if you’re ready to play for real money, we highly recommend playing trying a few hands for play money to get used to the controls.

  • As long as you’re playing at the safest real money blackjack apps, no, they are not rigged. Remember, the house always has the edge in casino games, so there is no reason for them to jeopardize their profits by rigging the software.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time.

Best paid blackjack app android

Nowadays, nobody has the time to visit a Vegas casino every time they get a hankering for a game of blackjack. People want to win big from the comfort of their living room.

Mobile apps are where all the growth takes place!

Casinos and software developers are coming up with mobile versions at record speed. Players now expect them to have a short and sweet registration and excellent banking speed. RTG is a developer that has always had its mobile players in mind. They make sure their apps are mobile-friendly from the get-go, without creating an online version and then rushing to add a mobile one.

Of course, not all casino games will have mobile incarnations; with so much time and effort needed, software providers make sure to just get their best ones to the app store. RTG games in particular are very prolific, and the guys from this company add more games as quickly as possible.

Also, because Android is owned by Google, a company notoriously lacking gambling friendliness, good online casinos have found a way to combat this. One way they do this is by creating mobile versions of their most popular games that do not require a download to be enjoyed. It’s a way to stay competitive and inclusive, especially for U.S.-based players.

Our Process


We typed “blackjack” into an Android Mobile Play store and found a nearly endless array of options. With over 1,000 candidate-Apps, we sifted through the ones with the highest ratings, as well as those with the best reviews. We also discarded the apps that asked for too much personal information because that seemed a bit fishy to us. We checked if the apps had safety signatures, how reputable they were, and how quickly you could withdraw your winnings from them. What we came up with was this:

Our Verdict

We came to a serious conclusion — great apps are hard to come by!

Yes, there is a plethora of casino card games to be found in an app-form. Some of them have great graphics, varying side bet options, hints, free chips, and performance trackers. But at the same time, they also have in-app purchases, annoying ads, and they take up a lot of space on your phone.

Playing blackjack games for Android on your mobile isn’t meant to be a Las Vegas worthy experience, but it is at least meant to be quick and easy. We know you want to play real-money blackjack and win without the hassle of clogging up your phone. So this is where online casinos that offer mobile gaming without needing to download the app come in!

In this way, you’re bypassing Google or whatever playstore your Android might have, and going directly to the site while using your phone. It’s best to play blackjack this way; because you can do it with real money, and you won’t have a million apps messing up your home screen.

This is not to say we have anything against a great app! What it does mean is that we appreciate having options while gaming on our phone. Every version of the game needs to be seamless and exact.

With all this in mind, we picked two versions of blackjack that can be enjoyed online, downloaded onto a computer, on your mobile browser, and through a mobile app.

Our Top Blackjack App Picks

The two games we’re about to recommend have passed every scrutiny we’ve subjected them to. They’re available for mobile play sans download, and they also have a great app to boot if you’re so inclined. They are RTG’s Blackjack and Suit’em Up Blackjack.


This is the classic version of the popular blackjack, and it employs six (virtual) decks. The goal here is to get a sum total of 21 (a blackjack hand) to win. It is also enough to have a higher total than the dealer without going over that sum total. The player receives two cards that only they can see, but one of the dealer’s two cards face upwards. You can click the Hit button if you want a third card or the Stand button if you’re happy with your original cards.

You can double your bet, but then you automatically get one last card thereafter. You can take insurance (if the dealer is showing an Ace), and you may split several hands as well if your originally dealt cards are of identical value.

The payouts go like so — you get 3:2 for a blackjack, 1:1 for some other winning hand or, if there’s a tie with you and the dealer (a Push, as it’s called), you recoup your bet. The version you can find at BoVegas is as smooth and pleasant to play.

Suit’em Up Blackjack

This excellent variation spices up the standard recipe by way of a side bet, and you get amazing payouts if your original two cards are of the same suit. If your Aces are suited, the payout is an incredible 60:1. Other cards that make up a winning combination and are suited also pay out handsomely. The blackjack strategy you want to use here is to split unsuited pairs, allowing you the chance to potentially win twice! You get the luxury of taking insurance, and once you collect your suited payout, you get to keep playing! The RTG designers have done a smooth job with this one.

To Sum It Up

They say — if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! When you find a game that works well on your smartphone when you play in your phone’s browser or through its corresponding app, you’ve found a winner! Try out the ones we’ve suggested; you won’t be disappointed.

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BoVegas is the leader of the pack; it’s a relatively new casino that immediately came out with the mobile version for its most popular games. The awesome blackjack options we covered in the text can be played online and on your phone, via the app if you so wish. Exclusive Casino has got you covered as well, with its sleek mobile app.